Udyam Registration - Udyam Registration Online, Process

Udyam Registration - Udyam Registration Online, Process

You can easily register Udyam registration online. Udyam Registration is a form of government registration that is provided with a certificate of recognition and a unique number to certify MSMEs and is therefore also known as MSME Registration.The main objective of Udyam Registration is to simplify the time-consuming and complicated process of Medium and Small Enterprise (MSME) registration for any company. Any form of entity can go for Udyam Registration, such as an LLP or a private limited company.

You may apply for your Udyam registration online at the Udyam Registration Portal . A permanent identification number and e-certificate, known as 'Udyam Registration Number' and 'Udyam Registration Certificate' respectively, will be allocated after the registration has been completed. The Ministry of MSMEs offers various advantages for the growth of MSMEs, and companies with Udyam Registrations may also benefit from them. Some of the advantages are reduced bank interest rates, IPS subsidy eligibility, power bill discounts, exemptions under Direct Tax Laws, simpler registration and licensing, protection against delays in payment, etc.

Who Should Apply for Udyam Registration Online?

Any person who intends to create a micro, small, medium-sized enterprise can file an online registration for udyam.

Revised MSME Classification

Enterprise Investment in plant and machinery or equipment Turnover
Micro enterprise Should not exceed INR 1 Crore Should not exceed INR 5 Crore
Small enterprise Should not exceed INR 10 Crore Should not exceed INR 50 Crore
Medium enterprise Should not exceed INR 50 Crore Should not exceed INR 250 Crore

Benefits of Udyam Registration

There are various benefits of udyam registration

Documents Required for Udyam Registration

  • If the proprietorship firm is in the case, the Aadhaar number is required.
  • In the case of a Limited Liability Partnership or a Cooperative Society or a Society or a Trust, GSTIN, PAN, and Aadhaar numbers are needed

  • Udyam Registration Process

    Simple and easy Udyam registration process follows these steps and you can easily get an udyam registration certificate.

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